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Classmate Sustainable Brand

Our mission is to create and elevate brands by developing progressive designs, sustainable strategies and campaigns.

Take a peek at some of our projects we have been involved with through the years:

Why are brand strategy and coherent visual identity concept design are essential elements in building a successful company? A strong and unique brand strategy ensures consistency and competitive advantage in all brand communications, while a visual identity creates a distinctive and memorable brand image that resonates with the both the consumers and the employees. Together, they help to differentiate a brand from its competitors and build long-term brand loyalty.

Art direction, Concept design, Brand guides, Logo & Identity design, Taglines, Campaigns, 3D artworks, Moodboards, Illustrations, Image concepts, Web & Ui design, Project management, Design systems, Package design, Editorial design, Signage, Interior concepts, Copywriting, Photography, Motion design, Seminars, Workshops, Talks, Development, Exhibitions, Jury work, Round table discussion, Courses, Interviews, Consulting, Lectures, etc.

We are a brand design studio, formed in 2015, working with various cultural, consumer and industry brands throughout the years from art biennale's and chocolate factories to tech companies. Based in three countries, we have developed a versatile skillset and a diverse network of collaborators. Our services range from brand strategy concepts and naming to visual identity and web Ui design. If you are interested, we are always curious about new ideas and up for a good discussion

Off Biennale - Budapest 2021
Brand & Editorial Design

classmate talks and workshops

Bivak Artchitecture - Manual ThinkinG
Brand & Editorial Design

Posti Box - Helsinki
Spatial Design & Packaging

Postlife Magazin Design

Post Life Magazine
Management, Brand and Editorial Design

Helsinki Design Week
Annual Campaign Identity

Debrecen Capital of Culture Design

Debrecen - European Capital of Culture - 2023
Strategy Review and Identity Renewal

Brew Your Mind Design

Brew Your Mind  Brewery - Hungary
Brand Strategy, Identity Design & Campaign Concepts

Budapest Design Week Design

Budapest Design Week
Annual Campaign Design

Juhasz Milan Winery Design

Juhasz Milán Winery - Szekszárd
Package Design

Fazer - Fazerina
Package Design Renewal

Ilmatar Windpower- Helsinki
Brand Strategy, Visual Identity & Website Desgin

‍Brand Strategy, Visual Identity & P

Jädelino Jäätelö - Helsinki
Identity & Website Design

NBI - Nordic Beauty Inc
Identity & Website Design

Pure Waste Clothing
Identity & Web Design

Mö - Helsinki
Brand Strategy, Identity & Packaging

Adamo - Hammocks
Identity & Packaging Design

Irgum Burgum - Merlot
Package Design

Helsinki, Budapest
& Glasgow.

We are a brand design studio based in three countries, passionate about good design and believe that it’s one of the most important tools for improving people’s lives. 

While there are many different tools we use for
brand creation from strategical positioning to customer research, we like to keep it simple with insightful ideations and down to earth discussions.

Get in touch: info@classmatestudio.com