BIVAK - Manual Thinking

2022 →

Wrote & edited by
Tamás Máté and Áron Vass-Eysen

Model photos by Yanep Lust
Work photos by Ilka Guba
Text edited by Brigitta Ádi
Translation by Lilla Gollob
Printed by EPC Printhouse

BIVAK: Manual Thinking

This publication is a sketchbook of the young architecture studio’s first five years, summarising the various stages of the BIVAK design process in three chapters: Drawings, Models, and Design competitions. Organising, examining, and archiving the workshop’s materials serve a similar purpose as going back to the initial sketches during the design process: it allows us to rethink the vision that inspired us in the first place.

In close collaboration, we helped them to create an experimental book layout design. We got inspired by their sketchbooks and dualistic work philosophy: Which heavily relies on rough modeling, drawing, and painting, with focused precision and attention to every detail in planning. We conceptualized the design with carelessly drawn details, underlines, and encirclements, in balance with a more rigid grid system and simplified typography usage. The book cover has a manually pre-stamped logotype as an additional detail, motivating the reader to use it freely and even draw on it by themselves. This way we reinforce their work philosophy which is based on constant sketching and manual thinking.

Helsinki, Budapest
& Glasgow.

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