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LunaWolf is a USA-based production company by Daniella Kahane, focusing on documentaries and mid-sized movie productions by supporting women directors, actors, and writers in the industry. The traditional meaning of “Luna Wolf” is that she is the alpha female of a wolf pack. She helps in leading and keeping the group safe. This makes “Luna Wolf” an iconic symbol. Our task was to establish a brand that stems from Daniella’s previous producing work and opens the door to future opportunities.

Having this in mind, we set to create a brand that relies both on traditional and contemporary design attitudes. We paid homage to the heritage of the movie industry by taking inspiration from Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s Lion emblem and the celestial visuality of the Universal and Columbia Studios.

In contrast, we designed a movie set-like futuristic lunar world to emphasize the power of creation and the progressive mindset of the company. After all, LunaWolf aims to change the male-dominated movie industry to a more equalitarian one. With all the carefully constructed elements - such as the elegant logotype, explicit emblem, vivid colour palette, and the delicate typography use - in place, we have crafted an identity whose purpose is to stand the test of time while reflecting the era that it represents.

Helsinki, Budapest
& Glasgow.

At Classmate studio we believe that creativity and imagination are key to create a better & happier future, and our mission is to elevate brands with sustainable strategies, progressive designs & campaigns.

While there are many different and proven tools we use for brand creation, we like to keep it simple with insightful ideations and down-to-earth discussions.

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