Melt My Mood

2024 →

Photography: Classmate Studio

Melt My Mood is crafting eco-conscious candles that enhance life with enchanting fragrances and sustainable practices. With thoughtfully sourced materials, understated design choices, - with elegant typography and carefully placed colorful illustrations - and focus on sustainability at every step, their brand is dedicated to curating moments of tranquility while upholding a deep commitment to environmental responsibility. Each offering a sensory journey that harmonizes with both the soul and the planet.

Helsinki, Budapest
& Glasgow.

At Classmate studio we believe that creativity and imagination are key to create a better & happier future, and our mission is to elevate brands with sustainable strategies, progressive designs & campaigns.

While there are many different and proven tools we use for brand creation, we like to keep it simple with insightful ideations and down-to-earth discussions.

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